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Covid:  September 8th...


Tomorrow we will be open under level 2 Ministry of Education and Health guidelines.  Children and teachers in a primary school setting are not required to wear masks nor is it even recommended for children, however If you would like your child to wear one that is fine. Social distancing is also a struggle in a primary classroom and is not required, although we will limit larger gatherings of children in one indoor place. So….


We look forward to seeing your tamariki tomorrow and have included some things for you to consider in this new environment. These include:


  • A kiss and go approach when possible (i,e parents and whanau not coming on to the school grounds or in to classrooms)


  • IF entering school grounds - scanning the QR code and if possible wearing a mask 


  • IF entering the office area - wearing a mask as we are trying to protect our ‘front line’ staff.


On behalf of everyone here at North….  

See you apopo






Moira Campbell (Principal)

August 28th

Kia ora Koutou

I know this is a Saturday ( and it is raining hard out where I live!) but some of you may be wondering what next in terms of school. As it stands, everywhere south of Auckland moves to level 3 from midnight August 31st. 

The advice to date from the Ministry of Education ( late yesterday)  is that the level 3 guidelines for schools are slightly different to those of 2020, particularly around bubble size for those children and young people who need to attend school (rather than continuing with the distance learning.).

We will be receiving more guidance about this on Monday and will send out information when we know more, as we will need an indication ( by email) about which children will be attending. Numbers of attendees directly impacts how many teachers need to be on site and any additional systems we need to have organised before children arrive.

If at all possible we would prefer (for everyone's safety) that children don't come to school but appreciate that for some of you this has to be the case.

Have a great wet weekend. :-(

Noho ora mai rā

Moira  ( my mokos all set for puddle jumping!)


August 26th

Kia ora Koutou

Well what a week ( or so!). We  continue to have new cases emerging so what will happen tomorrow is anyones guess!

I just want to give a big shout out to some of our awesome staff; Mrs McKenzie who prepared some hard packs for families and MR P who has been delivering devices across our community so that kids can learn. Our teachers are amazing and I am hearing great stories of fun things that have organised for kids and their families to do.

I am including a link today to Learning from Home  which was in the update I get each day from the MoE - there might be something in here for you and your kids!

We also have lots of great ideas on this website Our Home Learning Links has heaps of ideas and links.

Lastly we have very little idea what school will look like under level 3 and are awaiting advice from the MoE - as soon as we know we will let you know!

Noho ora mai rā



Kia ora koutou

While New Zealand has enjoyed a relatively Covid free summer we are keen to keep it that way. We would encourage you to use our Covid tracing app whenever possible so that we are ready should anything change.


If you haven’t already downloaded the NZ COVID Tracer app the Ministry of Health’s website has information to help you do that

As a reminder ( just in case).... we shared this information last year...

Preparing for the worst hoping for the best...

Stocking up on art and craft supplies 'in case'. We thought through the sorts of activities that might be part of a distance learning programme and thought the following might be a good start( you might already have many of these things...).

  • glue stick
  • chalk
  • ream of paper
  • rubber bands
  • pencil sharpener


  • scissors
  • sellotape
  • felts
  • lead pencil
  • ice block sticks
  • food colouring
  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • flour

Ngā mihi

Moira Campbell