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Kia ora koutou

August 29th


This is an update on some changes taking place next week and what they mean for your children and whānau.


You are probably aware the Prime Minister has announced that face coverings will be required on public transport from next Monday, at Alert Level 2 and above. This does not apply to any child who is under 12 years of age and does not apply to school transport. 


Public Health officials have advised that children under the age of 6 should not wear face coverings.


Children and young people do not need to wear face coverings at school. Other public health control measures are in place including children and staff staying home if they are sick, contact tracing, and hygiene requirements.


If your child doesn’t need to wear a face covering but they want to, that’s fine.


Face coverings are another way we can help keep ourselves and others safe, along with good hand hygiene, cough and sneeze etiquette, appropriate physical distancing when out and about and staying home if we are sick.


We’re continuing contact tracing by having QR code posters at our entrances, so please check in every time you come onsite. 


If you haven’t already downloaded the NZ COVID Tracer app the Ministry of Health’s website has information to help you do thatWe’ll also keep a visitor register for anyone who doesn’t have the app and also for anyone who comes onsite for a period of time. This will help us with contact tracing in the unlikely case it is needed.

If you have any questions about face coverings or anything else, please get in touch.


Ngā mihi

Moira Campbell


August 13th

Preparing for the worst hoping for the best...

We had a lovely email from a parent asking about stocking up on art and craft supplies 'in case'. We thought through the sorts of activities that might be part of a distance learning programme and thought the following might be a good start( you might already have many of these things...).

  • glue stick
  • chalk
  • ream of paper
  • rubber bands
  • pencil sharpener


  • scissors
  • sellotape
  • felts
  • lead pencil
  • ice block sticks
  • food colouring
  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • flour


August 12th

Well here we are back at Level 2 for the next few days and as was posted this morning on our School App, we have guidelines and restrictions from the Ministries of Health and Education again.

As was the case under previous Level 2, IF you need to enter the school grounds at the beginning or end of the day, you must sign in or use the Covid Tracer app QR code which we are now displaying. 

As was also mentioned this morning we ask that you use particular gates and give your kisses and cuddles before the kids get to the deck areas.  Classrooms are no go zones… sorry!  York Street entrance will be closed.

At school, we will move to the next level of cleaning and health and safety processes but we also ask that if your child is sick, they stay home.  We will once again have to be more stringent with these expectations.

We will put up signs to remind you - Shelley loves the laminator!

Key Alert Level 2 Information

  • We would prefer that all adults stay out of the school grounds.
  • If adults choose to enter the grounds, all visitors will need to sign in on the Levin North School App or on paper with the teacher at drop off and pick up times.
  • Parents and caregivers are not permitted to enter classrooms.
  • Social distancing rules will apply.
  • Water fountains will be closed.
  • Classroom cleaning regimes will focus on surfaces.
  • Students will regularly wash their hands and use sanitiser.
  • All people should cough and sneeze into their elbow or use tissues.
  • Please use the Government COVID Tracker App to record your movements.
  • Trust in science (not conspiracies).
  • Stay calm.
  • Be kind to one another.

Last but not least, over the next couple of days teachers will be preparing for the worst but hoping for the best… this means that we will be making sure that your children understand the login process for their devices. These devices can be taken home should we have to return to the online learning environment in a hurry!

Stay Safe

Moira Campbell ( Principal)