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Kia ora   
As we find ourselves amidst a COVID-19 resurgence, we hope you and your School Community are OK.  Whether you are in Auckland at Level 3, or elsewhere in NZ at Level 2, lets hope with the prompt measures taken we will be back to Level 1 as soon as possible.

In this update, we take you through what the various levels mean at sKids and on a lighter note, we'll run through some other sKids news.
Level 3 & sKids (Auckland)
sKids is not allowed to operate under Level 3.  This is difficult for all of us, but we understand why and stand by the government in stamping out this resurgence as soon as possible. During this time we will be supporting our team with additional training and planning fun activities for when we re-open.

Level 2 (Rest of New Zealand)
  • All sKids staff have completed COVID-19 training
  • Equipment will be cleaned daily after use
  • Extra emphasis will be placed on hand-washing before and after activities (especially small group activities)
  • Where possible we will encourage physical distancing
  • We have issued a new COVID-19 onsite safety checklist for each site to ensure that all staff are aware of and follow the new procedures
  • We have provided each site with a COVID-19 RAMS checklist to assist with mitigating any additional potential risk factors
  • COVID-19 QR tracking posters will be on display during sKids operating hours – all parents / care givers will be required to scan in using the NZ COVID Tracer App each time they are on site as per Ministry requirements.
  • For those who are unable to use the COVID Tracer APP then they  will be required to sign the visitor register to ensure contact tracing can be undertaken if necessary
  • We have a contactless option available for the sign in and sign out of children
  • For parents who are unable to use the contactless solution there will be hand sanitizer available for them to use prior to signing in /out on the tablet and the tablets will be wiped down with disinfectant wipes before and after each use
  • All our standard Health and Safety procedures will continue to apply as per normal
  • All equipment has been thoroughly cleaned 
sKids COVID-19 updates
For any sKids updates, you can stay tuned through our website HERE>> (https://www.skids.co.nz/aboutus/covid-19-coronavirus/) or our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/skidsnewzealand/

Take care & stay safe.

Sending much Aroha
TEAM sKids 

Parent survey
Recently we sent out a survey to our parent community to understand how they were doing following the first COVID-19 Lock Down.

Many parents indicated how important 'building emotional resilience' was for their children, so next week we start a blog series 'Childrens emotional resilience and how we get there', sharing top tips from renowned child psychologist / neuro scientist Kathryn Berkitt.  This information could be very useful to your School Community so we will share the blog series with you once it has been published.  We'd also like to recommend the blog @ big life journal which has some fantastic posts on building kids emotional resilience https://biglifejournal.com/blogs/blog.

Work and Income OSCAR Subsidy
Many parent circumstances have changed due to COVID-19, and they may now qualify for a WORK and INCOME OSCAR Subsidy.  If you know families who may be struggling please encourage them to talk to us today as we can help.